New link added: How to file a FOIA request

Unredacted’s flow chart breaks down the process of getting information. Click on the image for the full article.

Remember: You have the right to request the information in the format in which it is stored. If the information is on a computer, you need it electronically. NEVER take a PDF. XLS, XML, TXT… even word. Anything but a PDF!

I prefer Excel.


5 thoughts on “New link added: How to file a FOIA request

    • Well, first I should say that PDFs are perfectly fine if you’re just getting a couple of documents. My specialty is big data, which is useless in a PDF.

      A PDF is usually text on a page that gets scanned and saved as an image file. If they scan the page AS TEXT (which is an option on most scanners) you could probably get the data off, but if you’re dealing with a lot of information you should just get it in a spreadsheet.

      Every situation is different.

      Beyond usability, there’s the issue of setting precedence… but that’s another post.

  1. Excellent substance. At first I was a bit skeptical, not sure you would get enough response from readers, but the information you’re providing is incredibly useful. I hope you can find enough material over the semester.
    J Wilson

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